Thank you Margaret, and welcome Raelene

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Margaret Bayliss was our reassuring and capable Office Manager from 2014 until 2021. She came to us from AIBS, back as far as seventeen years ago when depa, the AIBS and AIEH all shared an office at Birkenhead Point. She was a gregarious and pleasant contact for members.

A replacement for a brief period resigned in November last year and Margaret was back to get us out of trouble and recruit a replacement (assisted by Mason Blackadder) who could be equally as gregarious, and multiskilled. And she has done a great job finding a replacement.

We’re doing a hand-over at the moment, including doing this issue of depaNews, so please welcome Raelene Dockrill, next time you email us or ring.

It’s in the Minister’s office but nothing’s happening. It has been:

since the Government and the Minister were appointed on 5 April 2023. We are still waiting for the legislative changes required.

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